Our Story

Have you used other roaming plans for your previous trips and felt capped on data usage during your travel to the US or received an enormous bill to pay?

Did you find there are too many steps selecting your plan while shopping for one? 

During your visit to the USA, you are going to be using data on your phone. Whether it is calling home, uploading pictures to your social media, or looking up a restaurant and directions online, you need to be able to use data easily. Unfortunately, all too many SIM card companies are happy to give you what sounds like a good price. Until you find out it is capped with an insanely small amount of data. And as you guessed it, as soon as you are slightly over your data limit, you get hit with a huge charge. With FWS, our philosophy is simple: Pay only for the days you need and get unlimited data. And best yet, with 4G LTE speeds your connection will be blazing fast.  That means unlimited data for Snapchat, use Facebook live, use Instagram and more with absolutely zero throttling!  Even better, you get 10GB of tethering and unlimited domestic phone calls and text to USA, Mexico, and Canada at no extra charges.

So when you are planning your next trip, you will know which short-term SIM card that you can count on. FlywithSIMS!